Powering your ST2130 Automatic Movement

Engraved Watch the Rista Marka UGLY Watch Co.
 Automatic watches are powered by the motion of the rotor swinging around inside the case

Power by motion of swinging rotor

Simply give it a few shakes, back and forth, and you should see the watch’s hands start to move. If you’re someone who isn’t very active, like those who work at a desk job, it’s possible your watch will stop again sometime during the day, as it’s mainly powered by motion. You can keep it running by giving it a shake every so often, or simply by moving around more.

 Engraved Watch the Rista Marka UGLY Watch Co. Manually winding the crown to power your watch

Wind the main spring

While in the Home Position Turn the crown in a clockwise direction 30-40 times to wind the mainspring and power the watch fully. This will usually give it a power reserve charge of about 40 hours, give or take.